Admiration Pours For College Student Selling Chicharon And "Balut" To Support His Studies

Photo compiled from Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
Every now and then someone would get the netizen's attention when he or she gets viral. The reason why they become viral varies from being annoying or nice. It's easy to stir the people's emotion when it comes to stories. This is why more uplifting stories are what we need everyday.

Determination over poverty

They say that people who are born rich have the silver platter served to them, and it seems easy for them to do what they want and achieve success. Those who are less fortunate, on the other hand, may not be too lucky.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
But this young student taking up BS Hospitality Management at the University of Baguio proves that poverty is not a hindrance if you want to succeed.

Perseverance is the road to success

The student who is found out to be Jonel Tejedo is the student who went viral a few months back for selling for his education. He was able to buy his uniform for his course with the help of some kind-hearted netizens.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
He went viral again when a Facebook user named Maria Michelle Awin-tauli posted a photo of him in his school uniform bring a big plastic of chicharon and a basket of "balut".

According to Michelle, she was speechless when she saw Jonel walking down the stairs with his products and is still in uniform. It turned out, he just came from school and instead of going home, he sold chicharon and "balut" first.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
Was so speechless when i saw him coming down the stAirs. I really admire him. Despite his condition he manage to sacrifice and earn by doing this.May the young generation imitate his perseverance.. He came from school and need to roam around to sell balot pugo and chicharon. The road may be long and bumpy but success is still at the end of the line.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook