Unique Agreement Between Friends: Pledging P10,000 Every Time Someone is Getting Married

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You can find plenty of reasons why it is best to learn how to save money. People today must start saving for their retirement life. If you wish to buy a house or even a car for your loved ones, that is definitely something you must save up for too. And also, the college education of your children needs to be prepared ahead of time.

The slightest that can be done to stay away from unavoidable situations and be ready for any emergency it to try to crop up for the coming future. This way, you can actually prevent being in debt. Reverse the tendency of working hard to afford your past bills or the debt you paid in your life. Rather, you need to start working to cover the expenses that you happen to be planning to render in the future. This is just what saving money is all about.

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Most of the time, finding out how to save your money signifies altering several of the behavior that you happen to be used to. This can be harder compared to whatever you think. You will need to take advantage of the external aspects that can help you in switching a new leaf. This is how friends will help you.

A Netizen shares the remarkable pact he made out of his friends in the PESO Sense Savers group. As stated by LC Mejias Acain, he was drinking with his college friends as they created an agreement that whenever someone in their group are likely to be getting married, every one of them will give P10,000 each.

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He narrates that one of his close friends will likely be getting married the next month wherein he will be the best man as well as the rest are groomsmen. As he will probably attend as the best man, he will pitch extra P5 ,000.

To pay money for the decided amount with his friends, LC began to collect coins. He kept the coin in the coin bank so that he will not use it on needless things and will just pay attention to his objective. As he opened the coin bank that he’s saving for a year, he was amazed to discover P20,000 pesos inside.

Does he head over to the bank and trade it to paper bills? Conforming to LC, he didn’t! He will present all the coins to his good friend as symbol of his commitment to saving cash for his promise.

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