Netizen Shares How You Can Get a Piso Hotdog From a Convenience Store

Photo credit: Facebook | Apple Mañalac
What exactly is your preferred snack of the day? Will you enjoy a superb old hamburger or perhaps do you really like eating halo-halo in the midst of summer?

Filipinos enjoy eating snacks. The moment we come to feel hungry in the course of two meals, we frequently get the closest bread, cake or even hamburger. For this reason, lots of convenience stores in the country are offering hotdogs, siopao, as well as other easy and quick to prepare food.

Sadly, for individuals who are on a tight budget, it may be difficult to enjoy snacks from convenience stores each day. Hotdogs and also siopao starting from 30 to 40 pesos, that is well enough to buy a good meal from a carinderia. Nevertheless, sometimes these types of snacks offer you a feeling of fulfillment, particularly if you’re craving for it.

Thankfully, a netizen provided her tipid tips about the best way to score a 7-Eleven Big Bite Hotdog for just P1. Indeed, just only P1.
Photo credit: Facebook | Apple Mañalac
As stated by Apple Mañalac, she managed to buy a Big Bite Hotdog at 7-Eleven for just P1. Not just that, she additionally matched it with Anlene Chocolate for just P10 rather than the regular price of P37.

Photo credit: Facebook | Apple Mañalac
The procedure is pretty easy. To get a P1 Big Bite at 7-Eleven, you simply need to download the CLIQQ app from Playstore or even Apple Store, log in using your own mobile number or even Facebook account and then select from the various offers that they have. In claiming the Big Bite Hotdog promo, type the code PISOHTDOG and for the City Blends Coffee, type PISOKAPE.
Photo credit: Facebook | Apple Mañalac
You could just claim 1 piece of Big Bite Hotdog per account. As soon as the deal is successful, you may get a text message from 7-Eleven.

However, you should hurry! This promo is just offered until May 25 for the hotdog and then May 28 for the coffee!

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Source: Facebook | Apple Mañalac