Jet Li is ‘Feeling and Doing Great’, Addresses Fans’ Concern Over His Health

Jet Li, photo from AsianCrush
Suspected pictures of an aging Jet Li lately surfaced on the internet and had his fans concerned over the health issue of the well-known Chinese martial artist.

The person in the mentioned photo has the same shaved head and is also wearing eyeglasses, much like the one used by the popular artist however seems to be looking weak, sparking news that the health of the action star has gone from bad to worse.

Yet, Jet Li, himself, tackled the declared issue by a Facebook post to guarantee his followers that he is actually feeling and also doing great, in the midst of growing concern about his health. He even thanked everyone who showed their concern for him, including that he is actually excited to reveal with everyone all the projects he had been focusing on.
Photo credit: StxNaty
Jet Li’s manager, Steven Chasman responded the gossips and then declared that the photo was captured at the incorrect angle and also at the wrong time of the day, which created the actor appear frail. He even more added that even though he has been handling hyperthyroidism for almost ten years now, the actor’s health continues to be in superb condition.

The actor had been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2010 and then physicians have informed him in 2013 that he could result in a wheelchair in case he keeps on making physically-demanding films.
Photo credit: Steven Chasman
Source: Jet Li FB page