Fil-Am Girl Gains Praises for Wearing Traditional Filipiniana Gown to Prom

Photo credit: Notey
Prom night is truly one of the most expected events for high school juniors and also seniors students. In this particular time, ladies are the most thrilled as they would definitely choose their promenade attire and some are prepared to use a lot of money in order to be noticed at the prom.

However, for Tricia Jane Asuncion, she recognizes this chance not just to be noticed but to stand for her nationality. She dressed in a terno Filipiniana gown which happens to be a traditional gown worn by women in the Philippines which is respected for the iconic butterfly sleeves. It is occasionally worn in the course of formal events, just like the president’s annual State of the Nation Address.

“Being that this is our senior year, we decided to go big for prom. We thought that there was no better way than going cultural, so that is what we decided to do. All our friends went traditional,” Tricia stated in a conference with TFC Balitang America.
Photo credit: tricxajane via twitter
Not only did she prefer to dress in their traditional gown, she even influenced her date to do the same as well as their classmates participate in the fun too. They wore attire that symbolized their different cultures like Cameroon, Nigeria, India, China as well as, the Philippines.

She added that, “My classmates really loved the idea. When all my friends showed up at prom we got a lot of compliments saying how beautiful we looked and how handsome my date looked,”.
Photo credit: tricxajane via twitter
Not only did they catch the hearts of almost everyone at the prom, they even astonished the people via the internet. Her tweet collected over 1 ,700 retweets and also 8 ,000 likes from people around the world.

Netizens praised the teens for their very own idea of being dressed in their traditions during prom along with the right way. Certain netizens would additionally prefer to do the same on their prom night.

“I’m just really happy about all the positive feedback I got on Twitter. I received a lot of messages from other fellow Filipinos telling me they are going to do again next year too. So, I’m really happy I had that positive impact representing my culture,” Tricia said.
Photo credit: tricxajane via twitter
Tricia declared that she was overwhelmed and also experienced really joyful symbolizing their own culture.

“It means more than just a dress. It represents what we stand for as a culture as a community and as a country. So, before you wear something off handedly, you should realize where it comes from,” she lastly stated.