3-Month-Old Baby Went Permanently Blind After a Family Friend Took A Photo of Him

Newborn Baby Went Permanently Blind After a Family Friend Took A Photo of Him 

Babies are cute and adorable; we all know that. Just a bit curve of their lips gives us fulfillment and happiness after a tiring day.

Bearing irresistible cuteness, us adults had this urge to take pictures of them so that we could have something to look at when they grow. But little do we know that camera flash and innovative gadgets today inflict dangers to our babies?

How to Win Free Mobile Legends Diamonds

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5 Cancer Causing Foods that People Love To Eat

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Cancer is a killer and unfortunately, there might have been no solid cure discovered yet to fight this epidemic. It could bore from one’s lifestyle, foods we eat, and sometimes passed down genetically.

We may or may not be aware but little do we know that some of our ”comfort food” could be one of the foods that might cause cancer. Here are top five foods that you should prevent to eat.

1. Soda
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Sodas have no nutrients content. It is plainly a mixture of a high amount of white sugar and chemicals. It downscales the number of nutrients in our body and causes weight gain which in time will result in obesity. Its artificial sweeteners and colorings are the cancer-causing agents, saccharin in particular.

10 Delicious and Healthy Weight Loss Meals To Try

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Losing weight is a real challenge when all the calorie-rich foods we love are just around the corner. When we say “losing weight,” this could mean consistent exercise, hitting the gym, and giving up the calorie-rich foods we actually love. Little do we know that we don’t need to ditch those “happy” foods we often crave like mac & cheese, burgers, and pizza.

Here are some low calorie foods which you still can enjoy and can help you lose extra weight:
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1. Lasagna Rolls - every roll only gives 224 calories. This is definitely healthy as it is mixed up with ricotta and spinach.

The 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Saluyot Leaves

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Illness prevention and cure do not need to be expensive. Most Filipinos opt to take herbal medicines first before indulging with costly medicines with or without doctor’s advice. The vegetables we often find in the market are not just there as plainly ingredients but also a source of vitamins and minerals. One is saluyot.

What Is Saluyot?

Corchorus olitorious or saluyot has many health benefits. It is used for food consumption because of its high nutritional value. It is considered as a health booster. This leafy veggie belongs to the Malvaceae family and grows on tropical areas. This herbal plant carries vitamins and minerals. It is an abundant source of vitamin A, C, E, calcium, iron, and dietary fibers.

Admiration Pours For College Student Selling Chicharon And "Balut" To Support His Studies

Photo compiled from Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
Every now and then someone would get the netizen's attention when he or she gets viral. The reason why they become viral varies from being annoying or nice. It's easy to stir the people's emotion when it comes to stories. This is why more uplifting stories are what we need everyday.

Determination over poverty

They say that people who are born rich have the silver platter served to them, and it seems easy for them to do what they want and achieve success. Those who are less fortunate, on the other hand, may not be too lucky.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
But this young student taking up BS Hospitality Management at the University of Baguio proves that poverty is not a hindrance if you want to succeed.

Perseverance is the road to success

The student who is found out to be Jonel Tejedo is the student who went viral a few months back for selling for his education. He was able to buy his uniform for his course with the help of some kind-hearted netizens.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
He went viral again when a Facebook user named Maria Michelle Awin-tauli posted a photo of him in his school uniform bring a big plastic of chicharon and a basket of "balut".

According to Michelle, she was speechless when she saw Jonel walking down the stairs with his products and is still in uniform. It turned out, he just came from school and instead of going home, he sold chicharon and "balut" first.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
Was so speechless when i saw him coming down the stAirs. I really admire him. Despite his condition he manage to sacrifice and earn by doing this.May the young generation imitate his perseverance.. He came from school and need to roam around to sell balot pugo and chicharon. The road may be long and bumpy but success is still at the end of the line.

Image credit: Maria Michelle Awing-tauli / Facebook
Source: rachfeed.net

5 Plants That Will Help You Have A Goodnight’s Sleep

Photo compiled from TheHealthSite.com and diabetesselfmanagement.com
In this increasingly stressful world that we live in, there is nothing better than having a relaxing day, and a good night’s sleep. However, due to the pressures and stress that we encounter everyday, it is sometimes challenging to have a comfortable and healthy sleep. Let these 5 plants help you achieve the sleep that you have longed for, for they are said to induce and help you get better sleep.


While there are many plants that are considered as natural sleep remedies, Jasmine is one that has been proven time and again to be the most effective natural sleep remedy. It has been tested that Jasmine fragrances help increase the GABA effect, or the gamma-aminobutyric acid, which helps control activities in the nervous system. It is also said to reduce stress and anxiety.


This plant is famous for its calming effect, it helps people relax and let go of stress. Aside from this health benefits, it is also said to reduce blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate. Plus, it is also effective for women battling post partum depression, and is said to be effective in combatting Insomnia.

Aloe Vera

Aside from being included in NASA’s elite list of air-improving plants, Aloe Vera can also boast the fact that it induces sleep by generating oxygen. Known for being a strong oxygen generating machine, Aloe Vera will surely provide the needed peace for people to fall asleep.

Snake Plant

Similar to Aloe Vera, snake plants take in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. So aside from inducing you to sleep, it also greatly improves the air quality of your home, and helps you breathe easily.

English Ivy

This plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. It greatly helps in combatting Asthma and allergy, which impacts the quantity and quality of sleep of sufferers. Amazingly, this plant is also said to reduce airborne mold by 94%.

So if your looking to have a good night’s sleep, have one or more of these plants in your bedroom and you’ll be in dreamland in forty winks.

Source: readph.com

Kangkong is Healthy But Why It May Harm You at Any Moment?

Photo from READit
Vegetables are indeed healthy and beneficial to our body. Most Filipino dishes aren’t complete without veggies or green leafy vegetables. One that makes our all-time favorite sinigang na baboy mouth-watering is kangkong. We all have a perception with veggies as harmless and healthy but little do we know that it might inflict health issues if not prepared carefully.

Water Spinach 

We often see Kangkong or water spinach in one of the dishes served in our table. May it be on the soup or side dish adobo. However, there are claims that Kangkong has bad effects on our body. It is considered as a noxious weed. It grows and multiplies quickly. It grows everywhere and anywhere. Noxious weeds do not only bring danger to humans but to livestock, plants, and to the ecosystem.

Photo from The Viral Sharer
Can We Still Eat Kangkong?

Yes, fortunately, people can still eat kangkong if prepared properly and with safe handling. If not, it can cause Fasciolopsiasis which came from Fasciolopsis Buski or large parasites which can be commonly found on bodies of water, thriving on plants or vegetables that grows in the water. If digested, it may cause indigestion, abdominal pain, and allergic reactions. Worst, it may lead to d34th.

Proper Cooking of Kangkong 

Safe and proper cooking of kangkong is strictly advised- may it be boiled or fried. You may not plainly plunge it onto the food and let it simmer for a minute. Blanching isn’t for kangkong for very serious health reasons. The flukes or the large parasites living on the leaves of kangkong are difficult to detect so it is better to wash and cook it properly.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure 

Whether you have kangkong or not in your meal, always make sure that every sumptuous meal you serve to your family is safe and cooked, and well-prepared. As most of us say, prevention is better than cure.

Aside from sinigang and adobong kangkong, what viand with kangkong do you love to eat?

Source: readph.com